Papa Pirate, Baby Bandit

So, we got together and thought about it and discussed it, and Mitsumata is really our pet project. However, you guys don’t really know who WE are yet, as a group.

SO! We have decided to put together a smaller game as a sort of “get to know us” deal that introduces you to the world in Mitsumata, only a bit more light-hearted, perhaps.

There will be people you’ll recognize…but in the way you’re least expecting!

Without further ado, I would like to present:

Yes, the name is meant to be that wacky.

Welcome to Makai, the demon world. You are Kiel, the Majin leader of a small group of bandits outside of the capital city Agarthia. Your group isn’t doing so well…bandits don’t do honest work too well, and the roads you usually pillage on have been going kind of dry. Your men are getting hungry, and they’re not above making each other their dinner.

But, luck shines on you! A group of passing Majin aristocrats drop—a baby. A baby? Well, your average fully grown adult Majin IS only about as smart as a 14 year old boy, so you’ll have to forgive their absent-mindedness. However, you, Kiel, are much smarter than that, and instead of handing her to your men for dinner…you wait for that ransom money to pour on in.

But, until then, you’re forced to deal with that little mouth. Feeding it, schooling it, sending it out to service your men and work in the fields and bring you back the money—hm, maybe this isn’t as bad of a deal as you thought.

And if you’re a really GREAT father…well, who knows!